lördag, mars 26, 2011

I recommend my top 10 + WRR

Photography: Sandor Lubbe
Typography: Jake

Hi guys!, at We recommend: we finally hit more then 1000+ members this weekend, and to celebrate this I'm gonna give you my personal top 10 tracks here for you to listen in on, and download, if you also love them as I do.

As the "We recommend:" facebook page is a small part of WeRecommendRecords I'll do a small shout out for them, they are a newly formed label concentrating on progressive house tunes and have been releasing great tracks all from the beginning, I'm absolutely sure that they'll give us more of just that. Go check their releases at their facebook page, link to the actual web page is there aswell. Here's a couple of tracks from WRR:

Sulocki - Ex Amino (Original mix) [WRR001] by We Recommend Records

AxisONE - Everything To Me / Hexa EP [WRR006] by We Recommend Records

Frederic van Hooft - Rain Clouds (Original mix) [WRR003] by We Recommend Records

Now finally!,
here goes in no particular order my top 10 as we speak:

deadmau5 - HR 8938 Cephei (Original Mix)

Removed by Ripblock - Anti Music Piracy due to legal issues.

Cirez D & Acki Kokotos - Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Removed by Pryda Recordings Ltd. due to legal issues.

Noir - The Off World (Oliver Dahl Remix)

Style of Eye - Sexx (Original Mix)
Removed by Defected Records due to legal issues.

Alex Metric & Steve Angello feat. Ian Brown - Open Your Eyes (Instrumental Mix)
Removed by IFPI due to legal issues.

John Dahlbäck - Pour Te (Original Mix)

David Tort feat. Gosha - One Look (Axwell vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)
Removed by IFPI due to legal issues.

Henrik B & Christian Alvestam - Now & Forever (Original Mix)

Pig & Dan - Detonate (Sharam's Crazi Remix)
Removed by Yoshitoshi Recordings, Inc. due to legal issues.

Calvin Harris - Awooga (Original Mix)
Removed by RipBlock - Anti Music Piracy due to legal issues.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed all this beautiful music..//Vic

söndag, oktober 24, 2010

It's All About House Music

Hi, I've felt that I wanted to blog again, but I can't find any motivation for it like in the good old days with this blog. But I really wanted to give away something to you guys who pop in and out here. These three tracks was quite recently bought by yours truly and it's time for you to have them, this is not the freshest there are, but they are pretty good anyway. If you don't have them then you have now.

As you can see I have 2 Style of Eye productions, I really love his style and he's amazing live. The Technoboy-track is kinda strange coming from me, but I got hooked with it at that moment and hope it will do the same to some of you guys.

Dohr - Sunrise 5.30 a.m. - (Style Of Eye Remix)
- Joia Records
joia-agency.com <---Check out THE freshest agency around, click it!

Style Of Eye - Air Race (Original Mix) - dirtybird
styleofeye.se | myspace.com/styleofeye

Technoboy - Into Deep (Original Mix) - Titanic Records

Njoy & play the music loud!

torsdag, juli 22, 2010

Longed re-upload...

Many of you guys have asked for a re-upload of Sheridan - Fatz Theme from Eric Prydz/Cirez D & Pryda etc..
So I've decided that I'll do just that to please the crowd ;P

Sheridan - Fatz Theme (2006) Eric once recorded a telephone conversation between Luciano Ingrosso (the founder of Joia Records) and himself. In the call Luciano croon how "house" should sound like to some girls, and Eric records it all without Luciano knowing anything, later on in the time of christmas Prydz present Fatz Theme at a party which was very embarrassing for Luciano, but ofcourse funny in the aftermath. I actually met Luciano when I did the interveiw with Arno & Norman and worked with him for a short period of time after that, great guy, I'll say hehe. Anyway they released "Fatz Theme" which sold millions of records.

Get your full lenght HQ copy here:
Sheridan - Fatz Theme

fredag, mars 26, 2010


Hi, haven't been here in a while, just going to post a small link to a tune made by a friend of mine. This isn't what you are used to see coming from me, but me and Prime8 would appreciate if you have any feedback on it, post a comment about it, could be anything, just as you have something to say about it.

This tune is all about friendship and things in life that matter,
therefore MEMORIES!

Click and hopefully NJOY, I know I did!

P.S This night I'm attending Henrik B exclusive here in Stockholm!

torsdag, augusti 06, 2009

Loca Sessions | F12 - 12 HOURS

This is our line-up, and it's the strongest field of djs this year so far here in Stockholm.
See you guys at F12, you'll love it as we do!
For the swedes:
11-15 Augusti 2009 gästar RadioLoca UNG 08 festivalen i Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. Vi kommer att finnas där under hela veckan och vi kommer att sända live sessions och ha DJ-skola för kidzen.
Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, väl mött!

söndag, juli 26, 2009

Özgür Can, Sia & Faik ROCKS THE HOUSE

Do we love this or is it just me!
Have not been blogging so much lately,
but I think that will increase in the time, we'll see what'll happen.

fredag, juni 19, 2009